Monday, November 19, 2012

Freddie deBoer on 'The Great Trivialization"

This past election season had plenty of moments that demonstrated what I'm talking about. Any major campaign event was endlessly discussed and analyzed online by people whose attention was curiously combined with an attitude of blase superiority. On Facebook or Twitter, you got dose after dose of people making fun of that on which they were obsessively focused. When you step away from it, it's bizarre; why would people spend so much time observing and commenting on events that they believe to be beneath them? What makes it especially depressing is that so much of it seems so obligatory. Whenever some notable event happens, it's like people feel that they just have to get some "clever" remark out there. They cannot let the moment pass without getting their own take in, regardless of whether that take is actually perceptive or funny. Everything seems so rehearsed, everybody seems to be going through the motions. 

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